неделя, 16 октомври 2016 г.

10 миниатюрни църквички в Англия - едната православна, от шперплат


St Fursey’s, Sutton, Norfolk

St Fursey’s, Sutton, Norfolk
 Photograph: Dixe Wills

The smallest working church in England, and arguably the strangest, St Fursey’s is a modern-day labour of love. It’s built in the garden belonging to its priest, Father Stephen Weston. The story began in 1998 when Father Stephen, disillusioned with the Anglican Church in which he had served as a vicar for 20 years, left to join the Antiochan Orthodox church. There being no English-speaking Orthodox church in the district, he immediately set about constructing one out of plywood, measuring just 18ft x 13ft. Basing the design on an almost equally small 4th-century church at Silchester in Hampshire, with the help of volunteers he completed the building within six months at a cost of around £5,000.
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